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human race

Peace and grace, I love

The human race, but the world

Is a cruel place


Quebec Values Charter 2.0: Ban against crosses, hijabs would only apply to new public employees

Quebec Values Charter 2.0: Ban against crosses, hijabs would only apply to new public employees

National Post

It would no longer be possible for a doctor, nurse or teacher currently on the public payroll to lose their job for wearing a cross or hijab in the workplace in a toned down “values charter” presented Thursday by Bernard Drainville.

But, in the future, new hires would not have such a right and would have to understand the state must not only be secular it must appear to be, Drainville said.

Conceding the original Parti Québécois government’s charter of values tried to change too much too fast, Drainville — a candidate for the party leadership — retreated on several key elements of the original bill he tried to steer into law while minister of democratic institutions in the former government.

He said his new package better respects the body of opinion on the matter.

My objective is to rally a certain number of people who were against the charter

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Quebec needs Values Charter: poll

Quebec needs Values Charter: poll

Global News

ST-JEAN-SUR-RICHELIEU — PQ MNAs woke up to some good news Wednesday morning: it seems Quebecers have a renewed interest in their Charter of Quebec Values.

“Secularism is a good means to put a wall in front of this radical current because it tells them don’t try to impose upon our schools and hospitals and public institutions your religious agenda,” said PQ MNA and leadership candidate Bernard Drainville. “We’re telling you in advance our state is neutral here so don’t try to impose things that are not reasonable.”

Support for the charter plummeted during the last election but terrorist attacks in Paris seem to have changed the way Quebecers feel about immigrants.

A new SOM-Cogeco poll suggests one in six Quebecers has a more negative perception. Sixty-eight percent of Quebecers polled (after distribution of the undecided) say the province needs a Charter of Values. Of that number, 74 per cent are…

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Why we need good authority

Andrew James Taggart, Practical Philosopher, Ph.D.

According to The Rule of Life of the Community of Jesus, the handbook of The Community of Jesus, an ecumenical Benedictine monastery located in Orleans, Mass., “Our common life is… sustained and directed through a mutually recognized order of governance, articulated in this Rule of Life and built upon the legitimate exercise of authority and the free exercise of obedience” (14). The Rule of Life states that shared life is based on a good relationship between authority and obedience. Yet why would anyone grant the claims of authority? How could this form of governance possibly bode well for each and all?

1. Examples of bad authority. “Because I said so.” “That’s just the way we do things here.” “If you don’t like it…” “It is what it is.” “That’s just the law, Buddy.” “Take it or leave it.”

2. Examples of bad obedience. “I’ll do whatever it is you…

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haiku – silent but strong

I don’t want to preach

I want to be a silent

But strong example

haiku – see

I have been seeing

What I have never wanted

To see within me

Haiku – depressed

Whenever depressed

Sleep just seems to be the best

The cousin of death